Each year, long before the student selection process begins the 5230 District Team works with other contries to determine if they will exchange students. Each year the list of countries may change. Here is a list of countries that we have been working with.

* Belgium is devided into three language areas: Dutch, French, and German. This year we will send students to both Dutch and French Belgium


Clicking on any flag will take you to the U.S. State Departments website for more information about that country.

The Argentine Republic The Kingdom of Belgium*

The Federative Republic of Brasil

The Czech Republic

Argentina Belgium Brazil Czech
The Kingdom of Denmark The Republic of Ecuador The Republic of Finland The French Republic
Thailand Ecuador Fineland France
The Federal Republic of Germany The Republic of Hungary The Italian Republic Japan
Germany Hungary Italy Japan
The Kingdom of Norway The Portuguese Republic The Slovak Republic The Kingdom of Spain
Norway Portugal Slovakia Spain
  The Kingdom of Sweden The Kingdom of Thailand  
  Sweden Thailand